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Criminal Caught By Fence Instead Of The Police

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Criminal On The Run Gets Caught By Fence Instead Of The Police E-mail
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 05:00







Vote Now | #05-24-2017 05:49
C'mon dude this is just embarrassing

+3 Mikey Helikesit | #05-24-2017 05:51
dey {xxx}ed up his pants hahaha {xxx}

barbie luv | #05-24-2017 05:54
yea those jeans are done lmao

+1 barbie luv | #05-24-2017 05:53
lol it's not his fault tho and he look like hes drunk or high or something...but still this shit is pretty funny

+1 Cassie Jones | #05-24-2017 06:05
ahhhh the ending was best lol

+1 Ivana Popic | #05-24-2017 06:10
I'm surprised the cops didn't kill him right there and then plant some drugs or weapon on him

Good Girl | #05-24-2017 09:26
"Get on the ground" "Get on the ground" Like mfker can't you see he's stuck up there


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